• Ningombam Inaocha Devi Location :Manipur, Passout Date :September 20,2015, Reg. No:RYT200/98/15


    I had desire to be a yoga instructor but I had not done anything about it. I did not feel Iike I had enough courage and capacity. Mohan sir and Shailendra sir did an excellent job by providing beautiful sequence of yoga with spiritual advices that gave me confidence to be a yoga instructor.I learned many things during the classes and I can see my improvement in my life. I am so grateful.

    I must express the value of this Teachers training course at  "The Yoga Guru " brought to my life. It changed my inner world. Because of this course, I am developing my confidence . It was not until I took this course. I realised how much I did not know before..This course forced me to think the way I have been and helped me to make self realisation. I am really proud to be one of your students.

    I am also grateful that Mohan Sir's book  "7 secrets of Yoga Science " and other study materials remain useful after the course ends.I would like to recommend it to anyone who wants to be yoga instructor or spiritual teacher.This course has given me confidence to be a yoga instructor with purpose. Now I could see to start yoga centre at my home town in Manipuri where I willcontinue to develop yoga series as guided by gurus.I look forward and pursue this journey into the future.