• 200 Hrs Teacher Training Program (Full Time)- Indian Certification Price : INR 28000Book Now

    The Yogaguru's Yoga Teacher's Training Program trains the mind to establish self-esteem, open up mind to grace the integration of breath and movement. It focuses on technical and biochemical knowledge adapting each asana to unique individual needs that builds effective and clear themes to deepen the student's experience and understanding of a transformative practice.

    Who should attend this program?

    Those who want to be yoga professionals with mastery in the field are the right people to join. We will shape you in a way that you will develop self-confidence to teach with in-depth knowledge on various issues which you may face in your professional life.


    Morning: 6-10 Am, Evening: 5- 8 Pm


    Neelgiri School Sector 50, Noida (For Theory Class)

    For Yoga Practice You can practice in Fortis Hospita,Radisson Hotel, Club 15A, DDA Complex in Pitampura and DDA Complex Jasola Vihar Delhi as well.



    Dr Mohan Kumar - NDDY, MA (Yoga)

    Shailendra Pal Singh – DNY, MA (Yoga),

    Neha Vasisht- NDDY, MA (Yoga)

    Dr SL Saini- NDDY, MA


    First Paper: Yoga Science, its philosophy and application

    Introduction, Meaning and Definition of Yoga, Misconception of Yoga, Reality about Yoga

    Eight folds of Yoga, Types and Style of Yoga Application of Yoga in Modern age

    Application of Yoga in Corporate sector.

    Shatkarma,Surya Namaskar, Bandha, Mudra, Chakras, Asana,Pranayama, Meditation

    Personality Development and Yoga: Introduction, Types of Personality, Evaluation and discussion

    Corporate People, their Need and Stress Management

    Desktop Yoga:-   Joint loosening exercises, Stretching, Postures, Pranayama, Meditation and relaxation.

    Power Yoga Program:- Strength, Stamina, Fitness,Flexibility, Stress relief and Efficiency Development/Enhancement with power yoga


    Second Paper: Anatomy and Physiology

    Introduction, Structure of body with different Systems,Skeleton and Muscular System

    Digestive system, Respiratory System & Blood Circulatory System

    Endocrine gland, Nervous systems


    Third Paper: Basic Understanding of Diseases and Yogic Treatments

    Stress Management, Asthma, Blood Pressure (high & low),Diabetes, Joint Pain & Back Pain, Migraine, Yoga for Insomnia, Yoga for Healthy Eyes


    Syllabus Book:

     7 Secrets of YogaScience by Yogaguru Mohan & Yogaguru’s Teachers Training Manual


    Other Recommended Books:

    •Yogdarshan by Divya Prakashan

    •Hath Yoga Pradipika by Bihar School of Yoga

    •Gherand Samhita by Bihar School of Yoga

    •Light on Yoga  by BKSIyengar

    •Anatomy of Hath Yoga by H David Coulter

    Special Features:- 

    •The whole program will be based on participation.

    •Student will be given an opportunity to conduct small yoga sessions to develop command and confidence.

    •Will be placed as yoga teachers after successful completion with mastery for those who want to have placement.

    •Support will be given for those who want to start their own Yoga studio.

    •Life time validity for the up-gradation training and special arrangement in research activities/Conference and Seminars.


    Other Rules and Regulations:

    •The decision of the Yogaguru will be final and binding on all the persons concerned in all matters including change in rules and regulations regarding course, examination and results.

    •Fees once paid will be non refundable and non transferable.

    •75% attendance in class is compulsory to be eligible to sit in examination.

    •All disputes are subject to Delhi Jurisdiction only.