Yoga and Naturopathy for Dental Diseases

Periodontal disease is caused by bacteria in dental
plaque, the sticky substance that forms on your teeth a
couple of hours after you have brushed. Interestingly,
it is your body’s response to the bacterial infection that
causes most of the problems. In an effort to eliminate
the bacteria, the cells of your immune system release
substances that cause inflammation and destruction of
the gums, periodontal ligament or alveolar bone. This
leads to swollen, bleeding gums, signs of gingivitis (the
earliest stage of periodontal disease), and loosening of
the teeth, a sign of severe periodontitis (the advanced
stage of disease).
Pranayama: Practice Sitkari, Shilali, Kapalbhati,
Asana: Viparitkarani, Sarvangasana, Matsyasana,
Diet Therapy:
Increase vitamin C, D and Calcium intake viz. carrot,
green vegetables, spinach, metthi, chaulai, salads,
onions, green peas, raddish, lemon, cucumber, tomato,
papaya, apple, guava, pomegranate, grapes, orange,
banana, amla, raisins, figs, coconut, sesame etc.
Gargle with lukewarm slaine water. Make a habit of
massaging gum with finger after doing gargle. Use
mustard oil mixed with salt and turmeric to massage
the gum.
Spinach and carrot juice is especially good for
pyorrhea. Patient of pyorrhea should eat 10 morgosa
leaves every day.
• Avoid sugar, sweets and tinned foods.
Tips for instant relief in toothache:
• Keep clove in the mouth and suck.
• Massage the gum with turmeric powder.
• Place cotton soaked in clove oil over the painful
teeth and keep pressed.
• Apply basil juice and camphor with cotton.
• If teeth get sour then chew sesame.
• Boil 5 cloves in water and wash your teeth.
• Gargle with salty lukewarm water.
Open your mouth and inhale steam. Clean your mouth
after meal or drink. If there are too many cavities, they
should be filled. If the cavity has reached upto pulp
then the tooth will have to be removed.

Written by Yogaguru Dr Mohan Karki
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