Yoga and Naturopathy for Kidney Diseases

Kidney is the blood filter of the body. They are 2 in
number. There are about a million tiny structures
inside kidneys called nephrons. They remove wastes
and extra water, which become urine. The urine flows
through tubes called ureters. It goes to your bladder,
which stores the urine until you go to the bathroom.
Most kidney diseases attack the nephrons. This damage
may leave kidneys unable to remove wastes. Genetic
problems, injuries and medicines are common causes
of kidney diseases. You have a higher risk of kidney
disease if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or
a close family member with kidney disease. Chronic
kidney disease damages the nephrons slowly over
several years. Other kidney problems include Cancer,
Cysts, Stones and Infections etc.
Diet and lifestyle management is very important for
kidney health. Excessive intake of the unnatural foods,
excessive protein, excessive or less intake of water,
stress etc affect kidneys negatively. These thing need
to be corrected.
Asana: Uttanpadasana, Pawan muktasana, Vipari
Karani, Setubandh, Paschimotanasan, Janusirsasana,
Bhujangasana, dhanurasana etc.
Pranayama: Kapalbhati, Agnisar, Bahiya, Anulom
Vilom, Nadi Sodhan etc.
Bandh and Mudra: Udiyan bandh and Varun Mudra.
Diet Therapy:
Raw potato and water melon juice is good for kidney
disease. Fast on lukewarm water and fruit juices
followed by fruits viz. lemon, orange, papaya, banana,
amla etc. Reduce protein dominated food intake. Soak
black raisins and drink the water and eat it. Reduce
salt intake.
Drink green bottle water processed in sun rays.
Mud pack on abdomen, lukewarm water enema,
hot hip bath, sun bath, wet sheet pack, hot and cold
fomentation on lower abdomen etc.
Written by Yogaguru Dr Mohan Karki

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