Yoga Teachers Training RYT200


In this training program, you will learn the techniques to take your own experience and understanding of yoga to a new level. You will become a stronger teacher by having stronger practice. You will learn about the therapeutic approach to yoga using your own body and asana practice as your laboratory for self-discovery. You will also practice the advanced techniques of yoga rarely taught in public classes or usual workshops. In addition, you will explore and experience such transformational practices as Pranayama, Mantra, Mudra, Yog Nidra, and Meditation. This is not a course about “how to teach” - it is about “how to become a teacher” in the fullest sense of the word.
Who should Joint This Program?
Those who want to be yoga professionals with mastery in the field are the right people to join. We will shape you in a way that you will develop the self-confidence to teach with in-depth knowledge on various issues which you may face in your
professional life.

Syllabus for Yoga Instructor Course (RYT 200)
Requirement/ Eligibility: For admission in the course it is suggested/ desired that the candidate should have passed 10th standard / secondary school certificate from a recognized board or equivalent.
Personal Attributes: The job requires an individual to have good communication skills, time management skills, and the ability to understand the body language of the trainees. The job requires individuals to possess key qualities such as self-discipline,
confidence, maturity, patience, compassion, active listening, time management, empathy, and language proficiency.
Credit points for certificate: 12 credits
Duration of course: 200 hours (3 months as part-time or 1 month as a full-time course)
Mark Distribution
1. Foundation of Yoga 20 Demonstration Skills 80
2. Introduction to Yoga Texts 20 Teaching Skills 40
3. Yoga for Promotion of Health 20 Application of knowledge 10
4. Human Anatomy & Physiology 50 Field Experience 10
Total Marks: 250 (Theory: 110 + Practical: 140)

Course Book
• Seven Secrets of Yoga Science
• Human Anatomy and Physiology

About Certification Indian Certification
• Holistic Healthcare Foundation Society & The YogaguruTM will jointly provide the certification.
• Holistic Healthcare Foundation Society is registered under Govt. of Delhi. It is valid all over the world. Our yoga teacher training graduates are teaching in European, American, African, and Asian countries. In India, our graduates are teaching in different schools and Sports Complex maintained by Delhi Development Authority, Govt. of Delhi.
• Graduates will be listed as Registered Yoga Instructors on
International Certification
• Holistic Healthcare Foundation Society & The YogaguruTM will provide Yoga Alliance International certification.
• Graduates will be listed as Registered Yoga Instructors on Yoga Alliance International’s website as well as our website
YCB Certification (Ministry of Ayush)
• We are following the syllabus of the Yoga Certification Board, Ministry of Ayush. After completion of the Course, students can apply for YCB Examination and appear to get a certificate. We are conducting examination preparation classes as well. 

Fees for the Course: RYT 200 (Yoga Instructor): Course Fees 21750 Yoga Alliance Certification Fees 11,000 YCB Examination (Ministry of Ayush) Fees & Preparation 4425
Project Work (File work should be handwritten) for RYT 200
1. Yoga Science
• Describe the history of Yoga with three definitions of yoga.
• Describe the eight folds of Yoga.
• What are the applications of Yoga in modern life?
• Describe the Alternate Nostril Breathing and Kapalabhatti in detail.
• What kind of personality a Yoga instructor should have?
• Why do corporate people need Yoga?
• Describe the importance of Power Yoga in Modern life.
• What is the importance of yoga Etiquette?

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