Corporate Yoga


It is the art of freeing a corporate man so that he/she is motivated, creative and energized. This program relieves stress while restoring the strength and flexibility that the body inevitably loses while sitting at a desk all day. Employees who are stress free and healthy are happier, perform better and have fewer sick-days. You better visualize the sure and certain outcome of yoga for you and your organization.

The Yogaguru’s Corporate Yoga is about bringing the employee  to a state of mind where he can think in new ways, deal with the pressures of work, respond to challenges effectively and stay calm through it all. It is not about gaining peace of mind or gathering new information or skills. It is all about bringing awareness into your system that destroys the false ideas in your mind, reveals the truth at every moment and ultimately takes you towards the enlightenment.

Our Focus:

We focus on enhancing interpersonal relationships and creating clean, energizing work culture, in our corporate program. This is based on the premise that in order to grow, one must feel a sense of belonging to the organization.
The corporate program is especially designed to awaken and realize the inbuilt latent power. After the realization one becomes more productive. It is better to say that this program makes every individual holistic. If each employee were to become more holistic, the organization would be healed of wrong practices and grow in a wholesome manner.

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