Meditation (Dhyana) Sadhana


If you wish to see your kids performing better with the added energy level in this age of neck-breaking competitive era, it is the best package to introduce them. On the one hand, it is a foundation course on memory power development, on the other hand, it will foster your kids with the development of overall personality by awakening latent energy. It is a specially designed package for kids who are the fate and future of the nation. This package program will shape them to be efficient enough to achieve the acme of their life. They will be able to live a balanced life with holistic development within. Beautifully designed dynamic meditation and relaxation help kids to be emotionally strong with strong willpower and sharp memory shaping them for a better tomorrow.

This course covers a motivational program with interactive problems covering Asanas, Pranayama, autosuggestion, dynamic meditation, and lots of other practices to balance the both logical mind as well as the intuitive, creative and imaginative mind. At the end of the program, your kids will have up to a 50% increase in reading speed as well as an added benefit among others.

Benefits of Kids Yoga

  • Remove specs
  • Increase memory power and learning ability
  • Develop positive attitude
  • Overall development of the personality

Major Asanas recommended for the overall development of a kids: Sarvangasana, Hal asana, Chakrasana, Simhasana, Paschimotanasana and Tad asana.

Most recommended Pranayama for the overall development of kids: Udgit (OM Chanting), Bhramari, Kapalbhati, Anulom Vilom and Ujjaiy Pranayama.

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